VEREL articles are delivered worldwide.

VEREL does not deliver orders to commercial addresses, P.O. BOX

The delivery of the articles will be made with the total payment of the requested items.

For the countries of Asia and Oceania, consult times and specific places of delivery.

For the countries of Asia and Oceania, depending on the location, they could have surcharge in the shipment.


VEREL offers the most convenient home delivery service:

Delivery from Monday to Friday no later than 6:00 p.m. for any order made online or by phone.

Delivery times: America: it is planned 5-7 days; EU: 7-10 days. Rest of the world: 10-12 days.

The delivery time is considered once the product that the customer has purchased is accredited.

Depending on the geographical location of some cities, the delivery time may vary.

This delivery service is offered free of charge by VEREL.