Elena Wetzel was born in the city of Resistencia, Chaco. An architect by profession, she lived several years in Europe working as an architect. After several years of training, he returned to Buenos Aires, founded the firm L’Etoffe, an exclusive space for decoration and imported goods. The genres were opening the doors to the world of fashion, where he was self-taught creating designs and exploring trends. After a testing phase, he created VEREL, with RTW designs, after a few years, he incorporated the Couture line. Nowadays, apart from these lines, it is dabbling in accessories, such as purses, clutch, handbags, fine bijoux. In this way, the owner and designer of the brand, continues to lay the foundations to consolidate their primary idea, to create an integral fashion house.


VEREL  is not just a clothing brand, VEREL since its inception is being formed to be a great fashion and design house, which will endure over time as a timeless, current and dynamic signature. His designs are based on a serene wisdom and classic seduction between women and fashion. His designs have character and personality for a totally feminine, independent client who acts with total determination before the changes and advances of society and fashion. Thanks to their designs of great aesthetics and clean and contemporary elegance, they are timeless, ideal for an independent and autonomous woman. Beautiful dresses denote a dreamy, delicate femininity, where the right balance between reality and fantasy is found.


The noble materials are fused with designs of cuts and architectural morphology, creating balanced pieces, but with a high content of Latin American femininity and sensuality.

We make and tailor made designs for special events, brides, bridesmaids, party. You can make all the inquiries you want and I will be happy to advise you.

Each piece has a Savoir-Faire based on excellent tailoring, hand in hand with an impeccable tailoring.